Portable Water Bottle For Dogs

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Best quality Portable Water Bottle For Dogs now Available in India, available in two colours . We offer free shipping to all orders. Your pet will enjoy this for sure. Gift one today!

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Product description:
1.Portable Water Bottle For Dogs is suitable for a lot of occasions, like outdoors, car, office, etc. You can use it while walking,hiking,traveling. You have no need to worry that the dog will drink dirty water outdoors ,it will effectively protect the healthy of your dog.
2.The product is not only suitable for dogs ,but also for cats,rabbits and so on.

1.Turn the lock key to the right , press the water button, the water will flow out.
2.After the dog has finished drinking the water, press the water button and place the water cup vertically. The water will be recycled into the water cup.
3.Turn the lock key to the left, and the water will not leak out.

Warm reminder:
1.Don’t wash it by dishwasher.
2.When the lock key is locked. Don’t press the water button hard, otherwise it may be damaged.

Cup Material: BPA and LEAD FREE
Capacity: 350ml/12oz
Available Colors:Blue/Pink


Light Sea Green, Pink


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